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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Hello, folks. We have another podcast that discusses disgusting American habits and foreign impressions. It also links to the Network, so please go visit that. Remember, you can always e-mail me at commonercast@gmail.com. Download the episode here.


At 8/12/2005 12:52:00 PM, Anonymous Olivier said...


I must agree that american that are visiting France are often too crazy (for our point of view)... Talking only english, and waiting that french talk only english to them. Basically you will recognise an american because he looks like arrogant. He just forget that he is not at home, people have their own culture and language. An american things that he is still in the States anywhere.... He doesn't try to make effort.
As French we often thinks american are more a pain in the neck than a open person, only because of their outstanding behavior and taking care only of them selve :/

Well, well... You got work to do :p

(on the opposite, french aren't very opened to foreigner also... mostly in the north. South people are way mor often :p )



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