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Sunday, November 13, 2005


It's a whopper folks, with around 50 total megs- and all of you ask.. why? I started that panel! We have Ben, Nick, Drew, and Joe as guests and it's a long one- around 55 minutes! So stay tuned. Sorry it's out late, it was a beast to edit because everyone kept saying um and some people slipped up and said each other's last names and such a few times (I have to stay fairly anonymous, but my real name is Michael :) ) . Download it here!

The Commoner’s View of the World Episode #22 Special Edition

Welcome Message

Welcome to the first and hopefully not last TCVOTW Podcast Panel! Besides myself, we have Ben Whitney, Nick Sneath, Joe Danis for twenty minutes, and Drew Martin. These are all avid listeners of my podcast and it will be exciting to have them here to contribute. We’ll start by going around and introducing ourselves. Let me just fill you all in on how this will work. I’ll introduce a topic, as I normally would with a podcast. Then you will get a chance to debate and discuss each of the topics. I will still, obviously, contribute. We’re hopefully going to have this once every month, and I’ll fill you in on when that will happen. But now, on to the content.

• Podcasting Question of the day – Would you mind if I added Fruitcast to the podcast? ANSWER - No
• Sports Extremists
• Success Rate Before Birth
• Genetics Altering
• Social Networking – The Facebook and MySpace
• Music Piracy
• Science and Ethics

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